You run your business. I write about it.

When you started your business, you imagined helping people. You wanted to meet them, talk to them, and make their lives better. In fact, you are doing such a great job that your business has reached a tipping point: to expand, you need to share your story, but you are so busy that you don’t have time to share it! Or, even worse, you have made the time to write blog posts and beef up your web copy… but you would rather eat glass, and instead end up watching funny goat videos instead on YouTube.

I am passionate about helping you share your passions.

I get it. You literally dream about sourcing the best natural products, or perfecting vegan recipes, or running your coaching business. These are the things that come naturally to you – not writing about them! Unfortunately, until you share your brand’s story, you are just another THING out there waiting to get noticed.

Nothing irritates me more than seeing a brand with a wicked product, whose website is inconsistent, has grammar or spelling mistakes, and is not regularly updated. It really gets my goat. (Ha ha – see what I did there?)

Just as you live and breathe family camping and joyful living, I find happiness in creating feelings and making connections through words. In fact, the perfect word in the perfect spot can make all the difference.

I bring people together with words.

I have worked a lot of different jobs in a lot of different places over the past 20 years (did I just reveal my age?); retail, hospitality, as an event manager, word processing, and in community development. I used to say “I just want to try everything once!” But after working five years in a row at a great job with great benefits and kind people… I was again restless, and I finally realized that it was because I was denying my OWN talents and passions.

One of these is getting outside more… Yes, that is me, snowmobiling in gorgeous Pemberton, BC last winter!

Carolyn Laba Snowmobile

And the other? I love to create with words, and to unite people through shared ideas. If I am not doing that, I am not happy. While on my last maternity leave, I even created a successful local mom’s resource website with professional speakers, interviews and giveaways. You know, “in my spare time” with a newborn and a three year old.

I hear what you want to say, and can write in a way your audience wants to read.

Thanks to my varied work history and talent for hearing what people are trying to say, rather that the words they are using, I have an understanding of people and their needs that others may not. Just think about the last time someone said they were “fine”… Were they? Could you tell by their tone of voice if there was something left unsaid? I hear those unsaid words, and turn them into messages and stories that resonate with your readers.

Visit my Services page to see how we can work together to get your company story out there. Want to see me in action first? Visit my portfolio or personal blog to get a feeling for my writing.

Talk soon,