Services & Rates

Freelance Content Writer for Hire

I work with businesses, entrepreneurs, and lifestyle brands to help them reach their key audiences with engaging copy and shareable content. Your brand is not boring, so your copy shouldn’t be, either. This is where I come in as a freelance writer.

Types of Businesses I work with:

I love working with businesses built with passion, and have been lucky to work with many entrepreneurs who have a story to tell. When you believe in your business, it becomes easy for me to take your dreams and write words to match them. Some of the businesses I am lucky to have worked with are:

  • Indigenous literary subscription box
  • Intuitive/spiritual coach
  • Women’s business coach
  • Inclusive children’s clothing company

How Can I Help?

*Note – Since each project varies in scope, these rates are an estimate for your planning purposes. All rates and project details will be discussed and agreed upon in full before any project begins. Special rates are available for longer termed contracts or batch work.

Content Creation from the Ground Up

No time (or want) to even think about your blog?

  • Research into what will get your readers (and clients!) talking
  • Editorial Calendar with blog topics
  • Images, screenshots, and links to reinforce your message and data
  • Links to your existing content
  • All posts designed for readability
  • All posts designed for social media sharing

Minimum 1 Month (4 posts) – $600

Content Catch Up

Do you have a pile of unwritten blog post ideas, or just need your half-written posts cleaned up?

  • I follow your lead, with your ideas, style, and rules
  • One-offs or batch writing/editing welcomed

$75 per post; options available to include sourcing images, image editing, and uploading/formatting content to your site.

Everything but the Post

Love to write, but out of ideas?

  • Research into what your blog (and readers) are missing
  • Editorial Calendar with blog topic ideas
  • Framework for the post, including title, subtitle, and list ideas
  • External data/link suggestions

Minimum 1 Month (4 topics) – $400

Video/Podcast to Written Content

Do you have a stack of Facebook Lives, Youtube videos or Podcasts that are dying to become blog posts? I can help you with that!

  • Word for word transcription or video/audio summary (point form) for your reference
  • Blog post(s) creation; depending on the recording length, you can often have up to three blog posts from one video/podcast!
  • Blog posts written in your tone of voice.

Recording length (in minutes) x $1.25

Everything Else

Don’t see what you want above? Contact me, and let’s talk about what you need. You love your business, I love words, let’s make beautiful paragraphs together.